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About US

We are a health, wellness and education company that is focused on health promotion and education. Our team of dedicated nurses aim to CHANGE, CARE AND REPAIR.

Our services are geared towards compassionate care and education. Our education programs are geared towards caregivers and individuals. Our programs range from

CPR training to one and one consultations and in person training. Caregivers can learn a variety of skills from

our experienced nurses so that they can provide better care to their loved ones. Our training is hands on and offers flexibiltiy. Caregivers will have a variety of courses to choose from that can meet their specific needs.

We also offer other nursing services that is geared towardspromoting health and wellness. Utilizing our services helps you to remain in control of your health while identifying and addressing health challenges. To learn more about those services click here https://diversitynursingservices.com